Folk music from Sweden is peculiar world music from this scandinavian country. It is genre of songs orginated in early 19th century. The swedish folk is dominated by ballads and kulning. The basal instrument of the region is fiddle, outher unique for swedish heritage is nyckelharpa. Characteristic music and dance form is the polska. From the revival of folk music in 70s of XX century, vocalists and instrumentalists also began performing together in folk music ensembles. First published transcription of swedish folk appear in the journal Iduna in 1813. In 1967, the band Hep Stars gathered traditional swedish music into their discography. Their Album Studio is good kind of that sort of material. Submitted by Tomasz Pietrzak and Enviro Challenges Consulting in May 2021. Term of use by @echl.league.scientific. Article ID fcn4852#¤!"#

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